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Telegram ico presale -

Telegram Ico Presale

Preferred/Special investors (private presale), will get preferential prices in the pre-ico. Telegram was making headlines back in February during their first ICO pre-sale when the company raised $850 million from 81 investors. We only accept ETH for the presale. Price: 1 ETH = 5,000 UPP Bonus: 15% (For example, 1 ETH = 5,750 UPP at telegram ico presale the presale round) Lockup for bonus: The bonus tokens will be released 180 calendar days after the first distribution date..Coindesk reported then that Telegram had announced in January “that it intended to raise $1.2 billion via a sale of its own token known as grams.” After this most recent presale offering the company has surpassed their goal by $500 million Telegram plans to launch the world’s biggest ICO presale The popular chat app, Telegram, is orchestrating the world’s single largest ICO presale, which is likely to raise millions of dollars. The messaging service will issue their very own tokens, called the 'gram' However, the Telegram ICO purchase agreement do not disclose whether TON itself will track suspicious transactions. Our presale will begin within April for those who applied to whitelist. Presale will require KYC. Close. ICO Period: February 1 - April 30 Ticker: STC Stage of ICO: Round 143 of 150 Actual ICO Price: $0.0214 ICO End Price: $0.0221 Exchange Listings calendar: 07 May - Major Asian Exchange Listing 12 May - Coinsbit 14 May - Major European Exchange Listing 13 May - P2PB2B 15 May - Probit 20 May - Major Global Exchange Listing 28 May - Major Global Exchange Listing II. US Dollar (USD) Menus. The second round of the closed presale was launched and TON intends to raise another $ 1.7 billion Telegram can also promote its ICO to its users, who numbered 170 million in October 2017 according to one of the presale documents, and its app has become a hub for cryptocurrency chat groups How to manage ICOs in a decentralized way.

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