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Bullish and bearish market -

Bullish And Bearish Market

Market data powered by bullish and bearish market FactSet and Web Financial Group.. A bearish investor, also known as a bear, is one who believes prices will go down. As such, there is a greater demand than supply when market conditions are bullish. Bearish markets follow a downward trend as investors sell riskier assets such as stocks and less-liquid currencies such as those from emerging markets Just like with bullish opinions, a person may hold bearish beliefs about a specific company or about a broad range of assets. will soon go down is said to be bearish on that company In a bull market, traders are looking to enter the market when prices are rising so that they can sell once they believe the market has reached its peak. The term “Bullish” is used because of the way a Bull attacks, moving his horns and head upwards and higher. Bullish or bearish, the. A bear market is associated with a general sense of decline which tends to instill fear in the hearts of stockholders No matter what the market is doing, the bullish vs bearish battle must still adhere to support and resistance. Market data powered by FactSet and Web Financial Group..Bearish markets lead to the converse And as a market technician, he notes that at almost every bear market bottom, the forward-looking P/E (price-to-earnings) ratio was about 10 times estimated earnings. Bearish sentiment means the majority think prices will go down. A bull market is a market that is on the rise and where the economy is sound; while a bear market exists in an economy that is receding, where most stocks are declining in value. A trader with bearish beliefs may choose to act on them or not.

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